Ping-Pong, Ping-Pong…, Is It Time for Elections ?

Yep Election is around the corner once again…

And once again, we can hear the sound of the famous game…

Ping-Pong, Ping-Pong…

We get used to it. The Dems are in power, and after eight years, they need change so they vote Republicans.

Once the Republicans are in power, and after eight years, people are angry and they vote Democrats.

So once the Democrats are in power, and after eight years, people are … angry (you got it –smile) and they will vote … ? … Ha– you got it ! šŸ™‚

Every country does nearly the very same game. Ping-Pong is the game for Politics: 8 years of Ping, then 8 years of Pong. Then 8 years of Ping, then 8 years of Pong…

Those are not really changes! They are just displacing the problems in another camp. A little bit as if you were the owner of a piece of land, and somebody put lots of trash on your lot. You can displace it to the lot next to you; then the owner of the lot next door, will put it back on your lot, then you will put it back on the neighbor’s lot, and so forth. Those are not changes. You throw the issues to the other “camp.” Just like in Politics. When a party is elected, from lavishly drooling lots of goodies to the brains of We The People, of course they will not do anything with the problems. So after 8 years people will be angry again, and they will vote for the other camp (party) thinking that will be the solution. LOL Duh!

We do not need more money, more jobs, more politicians, more elections. WE ONLY NEED PEOPLE TO WAKE UP AND HAVE MORE CLARITY !!! šŸ˜‰

About Frederic Delarue

Frederic is a music Composer, an Author of an autobiographic book on Near-Death Experiences, which gave him plenty of life experiences to develop his intuitive abilities. He is also a Real Estate Broker in the Palm Springs area, specializing in Unique Homes & Vacant Lots, offering a Million Dollar View! Frederic's motivation is to find you a home that fits your personality, brightens up your aura, uplifts your soul, and makes your heart shine. Frederic is a member of the California Desert Association of RealtorsĀ®, the National Association of RealtorsĀ®, member of the California Bureau of Real Estate, and also a Platinum Key Realtor for the city of Indian Wells. Born and raised in France, Frederic has made the beautiful Coachella Valley his home sweet home since 2002. Frederic speaks fluently English and French.
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