Many of you, after reading my last newsletter to welcome the New Year, have asked me to be more explanatory in regards to what is coming our way since December 21, 2012 !
Thank you for reading the newsletters that I feel guided to write. I always welcome and highly appreciate your feedback. 
For a few years now and more significantly, since the beginning of 2012, we could see changes coming our way in different forms. We all knew that we were leaving an era of materialism linked to anything physical with a population thirsty of consumption, and leading to a more spiritual and simplistic world, a world where human beings will reconnect with their true source and less stuff around them, less consumption, less garbage and more quality so-to-speak.
Any occurring change does not come easy most of the time. Especially when the change occur after decades of the same lifestyle, and sometimes centuries of the same rituals, habits. When that’s all you know, it is difficult to adjust to a new lifestyle.
I heard that many Light Workers felt sometimes disconnected, sometimes lost, alone, having more and more difficulties to connect, etc. Personally I do not believe that we can be disconnected if our Soul is connected, but we can have the feeling that we aren’t. It is a bit as if we were watching a TV program and suddenly having a fuzzy TV screen. We are still connected yet we cannot watch, or follow the program.
Beginning of 2012, signs given under various course of events or revelations help more and more people to wake up, to awaken, whether they were conscious of it, or not. People who used to believe in nothing suddenly started to believe, or at least became more open minded about possibilities, and their perception of life events started to shift positively with more clarity.
These shifts started a few years ago but could be felt more strongly during 2012 and more intensely as we were approaching November and December of 2012.
Since December 21, 2012, new frequencies have anchored on our planet Earth. Before some of us had one foot in the Light, in the new World but since Dec 21, we have both feet in it. We cannot go backwards. We only can go forward. Those who were successful preaching certain things before, may be less successful now, as they find themselves in dissonance between the old vibrations and the new ones. Their audience whether it is established feels it too and it has worldwide impacts politically also.
Yes frequencies are higher than they were. And things just cannot be the same. And if someone tries to lead a matter or country in the same old frequency than before, it will lead to failure so the anew can begin. Again the new frequencies will be established no matter what, with a smooth transition, or not. It is up to us to be alert and awake to help make that transition the smoothest and happiest possible.
Succession of events will help the people of the planet to awaken and to wake up from their sleeping state. Hopefully the people of the planet will “get it” before too many events need to occur. Again it is only up to us.
The Chapter of anchoring these new energies, vibrations, frequencies on Earth started on Dec 21, 2012 and may take up to a couple of years for the anchoring frequencies to be finalized (anchored on earth but also for our bodies to finish to adjust to these frequencies.)
Now let’s take an example to illustrate how this may occur in your daily life :
We talked earlier about Light Workers having more difficulties to connect , no matter whoever they used to achieve that, Archangels, Angels, God, Jesus, Buddha, Saints, and so forth. Well, it is a bit as if you used to listen to your favorite radio station on a certain frequency, let’s take as an example 98,5FM, and since it reached the new frequencies of 99,8 FM, you cannot connect to it. Therefore you had to go through periods of adjustments until you adjust your connection to the new frequency of 99,8 FM so you can listen to it again. Does that make any sense to you ?
More and more people will receive clear reception of THE TRUTH. It means that more and more of you will know how to distinct if what is said to you or to the world is true or not, whether it is someone close to you, the medias or even your own Government.
You will also be gifted of knowing more Your Own Truth: what is good for you may not be good for your neighbors or best friends. So be careful before you accept any recommendations, especially if it comes from someone who may have any influences on your decisions. Again your own truth is only yours. Nobody but you can live your life. So make sure to live your own life.
Now you know that only you can know what is best for you. You are a gentle loving soul who is having a physical experience with the body you chose to integrate in. Nobody can have this experience but you. So do not let anyone fool you 🙂 Be You and Rejoice 🙂 Feel absolutely no guilt for being You !
This is an extraordinary time to finally start getting back to live your own life.
Because of these higher frequencies, things you may have done for as long as you remember can cause you issues now. For instance, I have heard that some people who used to consume lots of animal products such as red meat, are now becoming sick when eating it. Same with people taking certain pills before, starting to feel uncomfortable taking them anymore, as their bodies are changing, adjusting to the new frequencies. These changes will help them have more clarity, help them to feel, have the sense of “knowing things.”
This time is extraordinary because you are given an opportunity that you did not have for many thousands of years, to purify your body, your thoughts, everything that has been taught to you for the sake of controlling you, of making you a living human robot. Eating less garbage to purify your body, to feel more clean in the inside, which ultimately will bring forth more clarity in your thoughts. So beware of the power of your own thoughts, thoughts that will materialize easier than before, with the new frequencies installed.
Well it all depends on us, the human beings. If we keep going the way we do, maybe not so much. However, we can always dream and pray for humans to awaken and start thinking for the sake of humanity instead of their own little selfish self. Many people make decisions based only on the consequence in their little life. I say “little” by choice, because too many of us take themselves way too seriously.
We are all accountable for every decision we make, and the direct consequences of these decisions, acts, thoughts, etc on our civilization. If the human race had woken up many years ago, perhaps we would not have given our power away.
Until we see pure and clear, positive change cannot be installed.
So raises a question “Do we have to suffer much more in order to be forced to become reasonable, loving, caring again ?”
The answer is up to us all.
With the help of these new and higher frequencies, I feel that the truth will be revealed on many aspects of our lives.
Since a child I always felt to know when something was true or not, especially in regards to the News. I clearly recall that it was somewhat disturbing as most people around me thought I was either crazy or being negative, since my version of the story was often not the version that the medias were told to deliver to the masses.
Without giving names I have often known of influential people around the World having a sudden fatal accident, a car or motorcycle wreck, sometimes a suicide, when in fact I “knew” their lives had been tragically shortened, for their influences were becoming troublesome to others, and might have awakened the masses. So they had to be “stopped.”
I also feel we will know someday the truth about Religion. Who was Jesus, Buddha and all the others that served the same purpose wherever they were on earth. We will know the truth, about the things and sometimes the lies that have ruled our lives for thousands of years.
Truth about the games of Governments around the World. Empires will fall after risen to the top of the pyramid, before of extreme Greed. Seems like human race never seemed to learn from past experiences. We repeated the same cycles, patterns. Like Nature repeats its cycles of ice age to warm weather. Climate changes have always occurred. Desert land where used to live wide rainforests, etc. And I do not think they had global warning because of pollution in these times. It was just a new cycle.
All these changes are for the good of Humanity ! There is no reason to be afraid, worried, concerned. What will/may happen will/may happen. Breathe with it and stay connected to your own Self, and your own Truth.

About Frederic Delarue

Frederic is a music Composer, an Author of an autobiographic book on Near-Death Experiences, which gave him plenty of life experiences to develop his intuitive abilities. He is also a Real Estate Broker in the Palm Springs area, specializing in Unique Homes & Vacant Lots, offering a Million Dollar View! Frederic's motivation is to find you a home that fits your personality, brightens up your aura, uplifts your soul, and makes your heart shine. Frederic is a member of the California Desert Association of Realtors®, the National Association of Realtors®, member of the California Bureau of Real Estate, and also a Platinum Key Realtor for the city of Indian Wells. Born and raised in France, Frederic has made the beautiful Coachella Valley his home sweet home since 2002. Frederic speaks fluently English and French.
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