What’s in Your Name? Is Your Name Important?


'Music of Your Soul' personalized CD

'Music of Your Soul' personalized CD


What’s in Your Name? 

Is Your Name Important?

Last month, I was invited to a wonderful 5 day Spiritual Conference held this year in Washington D.C.   One evening, I gave a Special Event “The Music of Your Soul’ Live Demo.”
It is a very interactive event where we discuss about the importance of the name we are given at birth, and our Soul mission. Angels also chose people from the audience that accept to come on stage to demonstrate how listening/breathing/bathing in the musical vibrations of your own name may be life changing.  People in the audience can witness the process from before, during and after. Also, we exchange insights, messages anyone may have for the person on stage, or a feeling about the music that was played. I like to do this, as a way to help people in the audience develop and trust their inner guidance, their inner voice, and intuitions. When one is shy for saying something he has felt or heard in his heart, from fear to sound like a fool, someone may just say the very same thing, which in this case, will help the one who was afraid to speak, to trust his own intuition.  It is very enlightening and empowering for many.
What’s in your name?
I talk about this in my book “Eyes of Your Heart” but I will rephrase the essential of it now, in case you did not have the opportunity to get the book yet.
Angels have kept telling me, since the Near-Death Experience I had at age 12 (when I encountered Angels and Beings of Light in the tunnel reaching out to the Light), that the name we receive at birth is essential to fulfill and accomplish our Soul’s mission. Whoever is present at the moment of birth is divinely guided to give the new born, the best name, which contains the vibration/frequency for that baby to accomplish successfully her/his life’s mission in harmony and peace.
Many of us live an entire life wondering what may have been their life’s purpose, or spend an entire life trying so hard to know what special purpose they have in life…
If only they knew that it may just be divinely hidden in their birth name… 

Consider this for a moment, and please try to keep an open heart…  We remember that the first, middle (if any) and last name are essential to a full harmonious and successful life.  A life where you are certain TO LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE, and not the life of another.
A man has his first name, (middle name) and last name. The woman has the very same, until she decides to marry her husband. What happens?  She is told to let go of her last name to get her husband’s name.

Consider this for a minute: Lets consider that the first, middle and last name are 1 each.
MAN: 1+1+1=3
WOMAN: 1+1+0 (because she lets go of her name at marriage)=2
Now, you may wonder why women were oppressed for so many centuries!?
Now, if the couple (man and woman) is totally in sync. at all levels, and continue to grow and glow each passing day, maybe it is not that very important. But in the case when the husband is controlling, somewhat authoritarian, etc, it may not be the best choice to carry the vibration and frequency of that name.  In this latter case, the woman whom is missing her last name, and carrying the name of an unstable man, may not live her own life anymore.
Does that make any sense to you?

Many have asked questions and I will try to answer them as clearly as possible:

* What happens if I keep my married name even though I am divorced from my husband?
Why would you carry the frequency and vibration of someone that you are not in sync. anymore and that you don’t share a harmonious, peaceful life with? It is time for you to get your life back! And carrying your last name (at least in your heart and soul every day) may be life changing to you.

* What happens if I keep my married name even though my husband passed away?
If you had a beautiful relationship with your husband, and the marriage was very empowering and harmonious, you may consider to either keep his name, or to add to his name, your last name as well, like most South Americans women do.

* What happens if I change my name for an artistic reason, and because my last name was not pretty or people were always making fun of it?
If you are connected to the Source, and you have a stable and peaceful life, you may choose a name that will carry the same vibration than your last name. It will just sound prettier, but the vibration may well be the same.

* What happens if I create a spiritual name?Same thing than for the precedent question, but if you change to a spiritual name because you do not like your birth name, and you keep anger towards that name, for whatever reason it might be, you will probably guide yourself to choose a name that will change the course of your destiny, and most of the time, not for your highest good.

* What happens if I change my name because I hate my father, or any male figure in your family that forces you to carry that name?
In that case, you might want to re-consider a lot of things before you go ahead and change your name for something else than you birth name.  If you keep anger, you cannot be connected to the Source at the same time, to your own Self, and therefore you will choose a name that will change the course of your life, and that is not for your best interest.  In this case, it is very important to do forgiveness prayers toward those who may have hurt you, to your Self. and release that anger in the Light of God, Christ, the Angels, etc.
Then once you are at peace, you may want to re-connect with your own Self and find the harmonious vibration and powerful frequency of your birth name.

Your own Name is your self-attunement tool, your self realignment… It reconnects you with your Self. It brings you whole and complete. It is essential to sing it, breathe it, rejoice it, carry it as if you were cherishing a new born.

From my heart to yours,
Frederic Delarue

About Frederic Delarue

Frederic is a music Composer, an Author of an autobiographic book on Near-Death Experiences, which gave him plenty of life experiences to develop his intuitive abilities. He is also a Real Estate Broker in the Palm Springs area, specializing in Unique Homes & Vacant Lots, offering a Million Dollar View! Frederic's motivation is to find you a home that fits your personality, brightens up your aura, uplifts your soul, and makes your heart shine. Frederic is a member of the California Desert Association of Realtors®, the National Association of Realtors®, member of the California Bureau of Real Estate, and also a Platinum Key Realtor for the city of Indian Wells. Born and raised in France, Frederic has made the beautiful Coachella Valley his home sweet home since 2002. Frederic speaks fluently English and French.
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