Every month, I find one article that can be used to inspire you, or for you to use it to inspire others around you, that could find it beneficial to them.
This month, I am going to discuss about un-cluttering your space, your life, so you, your space and your life can breathe better.
Many times, we feel attached to anything. For some, it will be a piece of paper that reminds us of an event, a person…
For others, a piece of furniture, some gadgets, etc.
Before you even realize it, your home decorations
rapidly became a bunch of clutter that seem to have piled up out of nowhere.

The point I wish to make here, is that clutter is under the same famous ‘Law of Attraction’: 
– Hate invites more hate to come into your life;
– Unconditional Love invites more Unconditional Love to come into your life;
– Clutter invites more Clutter to come into your life.

Do you need more clutter to clutter the path of your journey on earth?
Think about it…

I have been called to do some real estate on the side for the last couple of years. In reality, it’s not much different than using my natural gifts to create music. In this case, I use my natural gifts to find perfect homes for my clients, and/or to clear spaces of unwanted energies. Often, these ‘unwanted/negative’ energies are dramas in a household that created traumas in the home. These traumas/wounds are anchored in the walls and foundations, which cause you to feel negative energies in the place, etc. My job is to clear out these energies by using the gifts I received.

I have noticed many times, when I enter a property, what causes a home to feel suffocating or heavy energically. And clutter is #1 on the list.
Remember, everything is vibration and energy. So each object you have in your home has an energy and vibration attached to it.
Now, let’s have some fun and imagine that each object is a music. Imagine that all these objects play their own music at the same time. How would it feel if you could hear that?
A nightmare I am almost safe to predict.
If we go further, lets imagine now that all the objects in your home that are high vibration, happy, healthy energy sing a happy song or laugh happily and all the objects in your home that reminds you of a terrible event are a sound of people crying, in despair. How would you feel if you could hear that in your home?

The big problem is that we cannot hear it with our ears. But you coud feel it in your heart, if you would pay attention to it.

Imagine a room full of clutter. Visualize being in it for a while and notice your reactions, how you and your body feel in that cluttered space.
Now visualize an un-cluttered room with a clean design.
Ask yourself:  “How did I feel in both spaces?”
Often a person who likes clutter, is a person who feels lonely, and likes to get surrounded with a bunch of things, or people. Same thing when a person likes to
heavily eat ice cream or chocolate, etc, in the attempt to compensate a frustration, a loneliness… In this case, the person does not clutter the space but her/his personal intimate house: the body.

The person who likes an uncluttered space usually feels good in her/his shoes and is in complete balance and harmony, and is not afraid of emptiness because she/he knows that there is not such thing.

The uncluttered space can breathe and so do you.

If your space, your home, your car is cluttered with a bunch of junk, how do you make space for good things to happen in your life?  If the space if full of junk, there is not much more space for the good to reach out to you. Because the space is already full.

Try at home to unclutter, to throw away un-necessary stuff you have not touched for at least one year, give away to charities, or sell stuff. This way, you can make more space for great things to come into your life.

It is a very simple natural law.

Tip: If you are putting your house on the market, please make sure to unclutter your personal stuff from your home so the potential buyer can visualize his own space without being distracted by the events of your life through your personal stuff and images, etc.
 I wish this discussion was helpful to you or it gave you a reminder how to help a friend who perhaps needed to hear that today (smile)

Now feel the rejoice while un-cluttering to invite more great things to find its place in your life 🙂

 From my heart to yours,
Frederic Delarue


About Frederic Delarue

Frederic is a music Composer, an Author of an autobiographic book on Near-Death Experiences, which gave him plenty of life experiences to develop his intuitive abilities. He is also a Real Estate Broker in the Palm Springs area, specializing in Unique Homes & Vacant Lots, offering a Million Dollar View! Frederic's motivation is to find you a home that fits your personality, brightens up your aura, uplifts your soul, and makes your heart shine. Frederic is a member of the California Desert Association of Realtors®, the National Association of Realtors®, member of the California Bureau of Real Estate, and also a Platinum Key Realtor for the city of Indian Wells. Born and raised in France, Frederic has made the beautiful Coachella Valley his home sweet home since 2002. Frederic speaks fluently English and French.
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