What are Orbs?
Have you ever seen Orbs appear in one of your pictures and thought it was instead dust, or that your camera lens was dirty?
An Orb seems to be a ‘life form energy’ traveling at extremely fast speed,and choosing special places, such as ‘vortexes’ to be.
You can take several pictures of the same place, tree, person, party, at seconds of intervals, and only in one picture,orbs may accept to show themselves in your picture.

If you ever took a picture and saw orbs (light grayish-whitish round spots), digitize it on your computer and zoom-in till you see what may be inside the round spot(s).  You may be surprised to see faces, and all kinds of different things.

Like in everything, if you are looking, chasing them (being in a desperate mode to see them), they may never appear on your pictures, because you will frighten them with that ‘chasing energy’.
I mention in my book ‘Eyes of Your Heart’ that during my Near-Death Experience at age 12, I saw Angels and also Beings of Light in the dark tunnel. They were just part of the system we live in, being everywhere. Could they have been Orbs? Could Orbs be Beings of Light?

Orbs seem to appear in places with high frequency vibrations. It could be a quiet vortex ( I am not talking about busy touristic places where people search after vortexes, such as in Sedona), and be aware that a vortex can be right in your backyard, close to a nice powerful energizing tree, a beautiful and powerful rock in your garden that may radiate high frequencies, or a person that you know that has high frequencies, and it may just be you 🙂
In this latter case, you probably attract Orbs in your Presence, and they may appear when you take a picture or when someone takes a picture of you.
PS: Re: Sedona, I felt the need to clarify that I have nothing against that place of course, but in general, in a very busy touristic area where millions of people seek after something ‘spiritual’, the real true spiritual beings tend not to be around that much, because mass of seekers become too distracting to them.
A friend of mine have pictures of Orbs and accepted to share them on my newsletter. However, for privacy, I painted their faces.
I zoomed in the Orbs in the pictures and you will see when you click on the link below what you can see inside the Orbs.
Enjoy them and look at your pictures. Maybe you will find them too!

It may take patience before you see something in the orb.
You may need to look at the orb for a longer period before seeing anything.

From my heart to yours,


About Frederic Delarue

Frederic is a music Composer, an Author of an autobiographic book on Near-Death Experiences, which gave him plenty of life experiences to develop his intuitive abilities. He is also a Real Estate Broker in the Palm Springs area, specializing in Unique Homes & Vacant Lots, offering a Million Dollar View! Frederic's motivation is to find you a home that fits your personality, brightens up your aura, uplifts your soul, and makes your heart shine. Frederic is a member of the California Desert Association of Realtors®, the National Association of Realtors®, member of the California Bureau of Real Estate, and also a Platinum Key Realtor for the city of Indian Wells. Born and raised in France, Frederic has made the beautiful Coachella Valley his home sweet home since 2002. Frederic speaks fluently English and French.
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