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EYES OF YOUR HEART, The CD and The Book!   The CD Listen to samples Buy The CD: $16.99 This album is considered as the Soul Music of the book by the same name. This CD will embrace you to … Continue reading

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What’s in Your Name? Is Your Name Important?

* What happens if I keep my married name even though my husband passed away?
If you had a beautiful relationship with your husband, and the marriage was very empowering and harmonious, you may consider to either keep his name, or to add to his name, your last name as well, like most South Americans women do. Continue reading

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Are you living your own life?

What to do to live your own life?
* Listen regularly to a music that makes you feel uplifted, during and after wards;
* Take a walk in nature and listen to the Power of Silence. If silence or being alone scares you off… Continue reading

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Near-Death Experience (Angels and Beings of Light)

Near-Death Experience
(Angels and Beings of Light) Continue reading

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Music Medicine

When I “prescribe” the right music
from Mr. Delarue’s CDs collection
to meet the patient’s needs,
the result is a miracle. Continue reading

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A WONDERFUL TIME IN HISTORY… The world is changing, the universe is shifting, people are awakening, and we all experience the raising vibrational frequency with or without awareness of it. It is a time in History where we are all … Continue reading

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The Power of Silence Imagine taking a CD that you know is blank and put it in a CD player and listen to the power that silence provides you when you pay attention to it. You may think that silence is … Continue reading

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